Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dream dream dream

Hey hey,

Had a good day today. Went to Strawberry Fields,Taipan with Yi vonne for lunch. Ordered Cream Butter Chicken Rice. It was nice and too creamy; couldn't finish it. Yi vonne ordered this large claypot bowl of tomyam which was IMPOSSIBLE to finish. 3 medium sized bowls could only finish 1/8 of that huge claypot bowl. Like i said.. Impossible.
Later just now Yi vonne, Gordon, Reena, her two brothers, Naqib and I went for a movie at GSC. We watched "This is it" . MJ was superb. You can't describe how dedicated he was. Perfectionist, humble, thoughtful, loving, and a hard working person. You just have to watch it yourself.

I realized I've been day dreaming a lot lately. The good and the bad. Imagining sometimes a loved one would just sweep me off my feet with romantic gestures and wonderful surprises just for me. No fights, no arguments. Just two people in love doing so many things. Not talking just about one person but about two. Having fun even if people were watching us jump or scream in the middle of everything and not care where we were because you are the special one and no one else is. Having someone to be your knight and shining armour being there at all time ready to slave that dragon for you to keep you safe from all harm. Prioritizing your needs making everyone happy. That fuzzy feeling started building up all of the sudden. Then again I have been dreaming of death. Violent death. Getting hit by a lorry then die in a fire-y car crash. Get bitten by poisonous animals. Vultures eating your flesh.

Anyways, I just spaced out..
Till then..

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