Sunday, November 22, 2009

What is in my mind at 10.20pm

Hey Y'all.. ahhaha
I just came back from Bangsar with sarah. Found this skirt and bag and shorts. I didn't have money to buy it so I reserved the skirt. For now.. Hopefully I'll have enough money to buy that skirt.
Had long chats with her. It's been a while. I miss all that actually.

College is starting tomorrow. Starting with only ONE subject which is Photography :) Hopefully it won't be a drag. Somehow I don't feel like talking to anyone, except people close to me. I feel lazy. I want to watch paranormal activity with my sister later. I shall review about that soon.

After topics after topics with Sarah. Somehow I do realize how insecure I am especially with my boyfriend I can't help to think that there are SO many beautiful and attractive girls walking around; stylish and some that are friendly. It feels like a trap for boys. I know that love conquers all but sometimes we know that some boys can't stop looking and praising. Who wouldn't want to look at attractive or stylish girls. Even I would. Then there would be jealousy, the most stupid and worst thing unimaginable. Of course there should be trust, sometimes we have to be strong and know that they won't cheat but on the other hand the other person should not abuse that trust of yours either. Maybe girls won't feel that way if people around them reassures them? Make them feel beautiful? Say encouraging words? I don't know. Well eye candy for all.

I have been delaying my blogshop for so long already. I have already made the blog

but I haven't posted anything yet. Well I promise that
I'll post it soon. I feel really guilty already :/

I have a feeling I'll be as spastic as Igor when I start my third semester. The camera is already heavy plus my handbag and I don't feel like bringing a backpack. I don't even know what happened to my backpack. I should widen my horizon with influences from different professional photographers. I do want to be the best of the best. Even though my class has many great future photographers. I guess they have their own 'style'. Maybe I do too? I hope so. I'm quite rusty with that machine. It's been too long since I handled that. I do need inspiration too and a good lens :p

I should go take a bath now.
Toodles :)

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