Sunday, August 10, 2008

This content lady here is my grandma, she is about 70 plus and her name is Aminah.
Recently, she suffered from a heart attack and about 90% of her three heart vessels we're blocked. She had to go through an operation and they used veins from her feet, she survived; alhamdulillah. Most women around her age with that situation wouldn't have survived.
Her courage was extraordinary and her spirit was so high.

This should be an example to most girls or women. If you do anything with a high spirit
we can achieve things without us even noticing. We don't realize whenever we try to accomplish things, we tend to give up half way because of being pessimistic. Well I'm like that. Probably some girls or guys don't have that problem, but I know like me; does.

If we think things in a more positive direction it is possible for us to do things and accomplish it.
She gave me thought and I have been pessimistic lately and it hasn't help me at all with anything.

This is just a theory, but it is possible.

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