Friday, August 22, 2008


Egoistic men seem to not understand the art of respecting women. They take women for granted and the only thing that would make them satisfied is physical appearance.
It sounds revolting and outright brainless. I don’t know why they find that so entertaining. “Most” men seem to think things in a one-dimensional perspective when it comes to girls or women. I think sometimes guys don’t take the situation seriously. It’s as if girls are treated like a piece of meat. Not to be sexist, it’s not fair for us girls to be treated in such a way. It’s degrading. Girls should be treated equally with at least a bit of respect. Well I probably understand that men mature slowly and that is probably the reason why. Some guys respect women. What I think is that guys that respect their mothers would probably respect girls that are around them. Well I know some guys that are like that; but some of them of course are influenced by friends that brainwash them to not respect girls.

I can’t be choosy obviously. I’ll eventually end up with someone like that; but what are we to do. Guys only have one desire. Unlike girls we have many; but you see some girls can control their desire. Guys only have one and they tend to concentrate on that. That “one” desire can be used properly. Apparently, most guys abuse the one desire that they have.

Sometimes when I dress up just for that one guy, I would have to think again. This Is because I won’t know if he’ll admire me because of my looks OR because of what’s inside. So guys have to think about that. It’s better looking at a girls inner self, not outer.

I know that all this it’s as if I’m generalizing men; but some of you guys have to admit it’s true. Of course there are girls that treat guys like shit; but I’m just writing my point of view.

No intentions to demean men.

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