Saturday, August 9, 2008

Going back to 08/08/08

I wonder what my life would be like after school. First and foremost I’ll be so damn bored eventually, I’d probably have to find a part time job somewhere to earn a little bit of cash, I’d go out a lot. I would be able to drive around by myself. I bet I’ll feel lost all of the sudden. All this while I’ve been a school girl going to school at 7.10am waking up pagi subuh and wearing my school uniform and wasting my time during assembly listening to the teacher crapping about cleanliness ,academic standards in Malaysia, Oooh and plus the competition that we are forced to participate just to ‘harumkan’ nama sekolah.

I won’t be able to experience another few more years doing all those stuff.

It’s scary I’m a few more steps closer to the real world. I will miss school. Gosh..

Anyhow, I made myself in deeeeep trouble yesterday, sigh I regret doing it. It was such a small matter yet my mom was pissed off and she was extremely furious at me. This is one of my few mistakes that I regret making. I hate making my mom pissed off and disappointed. However, she’s cooling herself down, she’s talking to me like as if nothing happened. Well I promised not doing it again, and I really mean it. She looked like she wanted to bash me with a hammer ; something I wouldn’t want to go through again.

My trial exams starts next month. I’m not ready. :S

Well off to my French class. Dangg, I feel so lazy.

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