Thursday, August 7, 2008

I do have this urge to try to look skinny sometimes. Sometimes it’s sort of tempting. Quite bizarre like eating popcorns with chili sauce; I actually tried it once, it doesn’t taste disgusting, ok back to the point.

I yearn for a smaller body, cause I mean I have the biggest butt, thighs, hips, you name it. Embarrassing. When I look at those models, celebrities whoever, I get so invidious until I make myself insecure. OK, those people whom I just stated are obligated to do so, cause they are exposed by media and crap.

Just to state a point, having smaller bodies has a LOT of advantages. We can fit through holes and all; ok NO but more clothes to wear less cloth to put on you know? Of course, people say be comfortable with your own body, but it’s so complicated. I can wear some outfits that probably can compliment my figure. However, not that many choices; it’s not fair. When I read magazines or read blogs or whatever I get inspired to try new clothes and buy them but I can’t cause either they don’t fit OR they look so hideous on me(cause of my big body and height) I don’t mind my height I can live with that and also, there aren’t many taller men now; They’ve grown to be short.

Then again, no offence to some people, being stick stick stick thin with NO shape really looks weird and creepy. If they wear layers and add a bit of pounds they look fine; but those who show their bony stick figure shape look sickly; but I know some of them have no choice cause of their metabolism.

In other words, everybody has their own shape and some of them are proud having a body like that, but people like me tend to get a bit sensitive with what they have. I can do something about it, but it takes time.


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