Tuesday, August 12, 2008


AAaaaaah! Nightmare after SPM. We, students of 2008 will be sent to PLKN. The results came out yesterday and luckily I didn't get in. BUT I'm not sure. It's possible if they send me for the second or third batch. DAMMNIT! i'll have to post pone my college. PLKN is a waste of time and my college will be held back. All you do is marching, playing ping pong, shooting and etc... I can do better things than all that for 3 months. My education will be delayed for 3 months! How Inconsiderate are they. I don't understand the governments aim towards students like us, to go for useless camps and so on. They randomly choose a few students from each school but 'anak menteri' is an exeption, THEY of ALL people should go. It's truly not fair. We have a future and it does not include PLKN. I am not pleased at all. Although I wasn't chosen but there is a possibllity for them to choose me for the other batches. There have been cases that girls were raped and one of them was paralised for doing 50 push ups. How insensitive they are, it's not like the government will care.

As for now, I wasn't accepted in but I must not put my hopes to high.

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