Sunday, August 17, 2008

This is called a list of what i'm thinking:

1. I am actually 17 years old.
2. SPM is another few more months < 5
3. Trials is another 20 days
4. Honestly, I have 2 strands of 'grey' hair
5. I'm going to college soon
6. Friend being obsessed with another gender
7. My mom not paying for my college fee if i mess up one sem (cause of my brother)
8. The price of gas
9. Me not being able to drive because of the price of gas
10. Me not being able to wear some clothes that i want to wear
11. Friends that i see (almost) everyday at school
12. Grilled salmon
13. Prom night
14. What song am i gonna play for prom night
15. The price of my dress well my outfit
16. The bulge that i have in the middle section of my body
17. The song that I am listening too is quite interesting
18. Wondering how minestrone dump soup would taste like
19. My hair
20. The Olympics
21. People with nice hair walking around like they're all that.
22. Amelie
23. Should i eat koko krunch or not.
24. Why do people refer 'speaking' means talking in english
25. Can i play the guitar like john mayer
26. The trip to the salon today
27. Rockband
28. I have to sing during prom night
29. This list is BORING
30. I'm lazy

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