Monday, March 2, 2009


Hello there, I am here to 'update' my blog. ;)
Lets see,
OUH! I am NOT satisfied with Malaysians road structure. It was built with brainless effort.
Par example,
On the way, we missed the junction going to Kajang/Kuala Lumpur, instead we went straight to Putrajaya. Most people said there was a way to IOI from Putrajaya, but they didn't say it was THAT far. So we made a couple of turns. A COUPLE of turns. -.-
Which I think was about more than 6 because of the badly planned roads.
Imagine this:

You're driving nicely along the road towards Putrajaya and there aren't that many cars on the road. You were driving at about 80/90 Km/H
"Ouh, what a nice day.. Hmmm where's the Signboard to Kajang/Kuala Lumpur? I think I'm lost"
You made about 5 trips to Putrajaya. Going in and out.
"I can't find the Freaking Bloody Signboard!"
When suddenly, you saw a few signboards to Kajang/Kuala Lumpur and started following that path. You were quite happy and said.
"Hey! I'm not lost
Ouh boy, were you wrong. You know why? You missed the junction TO IOI Resort because they placed the Signboard right at the corner of the junction written in dark blue font hidden behind a small bush, and I said:
" Why the hell did they put the Signboard there?!"
And of course, I made another big round in and out of Putrajaya.

Can you picture my frustration? I think I turned red.
It took me about 3 hours on the road. 3 HOURS.
So you tell me? Shouldn't roads be convenient?
I think I wasted gas, and Honda's consume gas.

Anyways, enough about stupid roads.

I will state here, THAT: I am displeased with the amount money that I'm getting every month.
I'm getting a lump sum of Rm400 a month
. Rm400!
I won't complain if I don't do S**T at work and get that much, but I'm working as if I'm a trainee. I make quotations, even talk to some of the clients or talk to some of the suppliers.
Sometimes I think, I'm not suited with that kind of work.
I imagined myself, JUST photostatting, fax, scan, give out memo's or even just organizing the files.
I feel like I've been taken for granted.
Well, all I'm thinking is that; it's the experience that counts. I need to add some information to my resume.
So I can't complain there huh?
Well, whatever.

I have more to say; If I'm unlucky which I hope I'm not.
Any staff from my workplace will start gossiping on what I wrote.
That will be the end of the world for me.

Sooooo... before my fingers start typing God knows what, I better stop.

Toodles :)

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