Saturday, March 14, 2009

A syndrome

Hello there!
Well SPM results were out last Wednesday. I wouldn't say mine is stop notch, but I might say that I'm quite satisfied.
I got 1 A1 , 3 B3 , 4 B4 , 3 C5.
Imagine that, my lowest is a C. I thought I'd be getting G's.
I've never gotten that many B's in my life. What I was worried was that, I was afraid I wouldn't pass my colleges qualifications. I've gotten credits for ALL my subjects, so my education is quite bright.
SPM is actually the stepping stone to college or university, so by getting the results that you have obtained, it shows that, you are qualified to do whatever course you're taking.
I just need 3 credits plus English. So, that's no sweat. ;)
I was born average and never above average, well not when it comes to exams.
I can't cope with stress,

Nevertheless, you still have to work hard and never give up. You'd never know that maybe you'll get scholarships and not use your parents money. I would love that, but with those results, I doubt that.
Or maybe you'll get offers to those really good colleges.
All I can say is that, I'm satisfied and happy with what I got.
I realized in general, everyone has an " A syndrome"
Everyone will ask "How many A's did you get?" and not often "What did you get?" question.
For me of course, when i say 1 A. I bet they'll just look at me or stare. I don't know.
Sometimes, it's not JUST the A.
I'm not saying don't get that many A's but for people like me, I feel very pressured not getting those many A's.
Anyways, I need a bath, my body feels so sore, and study a lil' bit of french.

Toodles :)

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