Friday, March 20, 2009

The End

I have ended my job as a ‘clerk’ today.

I was exceptionally excited because it was my last day of work. Went to work quite late but arrived early with the other employee’s.

Most of the time, I was just eating biscuits and drinking water from the pantry because some of my work was done by my replacement, and I bet she’ll do a wonderful job. Anyway, I didn’t have much work to submit today.

Well, I’ll miss the stupid jokes and office humours which can be quite vulgar.

Off to college life!

Anyways, I’ve decided that I want to stop learning French. Well I want to discontinue from their lessons because I think I have learnt enough to make a conversation. I realized I will be wasting my mothers money because I have no passion in learning deeper. Not grammatically but topics discussing. The topics are too deep. Politics? History? Well it’s quite interesting but not when you’re mind is empty and your mouth will be just moving. It’s embarrassing actually.

I look like a doofus. I like French especially if you want to sound sexy (haha) or talk behind someone’s back or probably complimenting/ complaining someone in front of you.

I still have a plus point, which is that I have basic French communication skills. I can talk, but it also depends on the topic. Maybe a normal conversation is quite possible.

It’s like a dread whenever It’s a Saturday, I’ll be so lifeless. It’ll take half a day.

I won’t have time for my friends.

Oh française est trés imposible!

I don’t have much to say and I want to change my clothes and sleep. My eyes are forcing my eyelids to close shut.


Toodles :)

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