Saturday, March 7, 2009

Music played (Ottoman : Vampire Weekend)

Confusion is rambling through my mind,
I may had made simple things become complicated.
I can't control my emotions or actions,
which is a danger to people who are close,
I can't explain what is inside,
For even I cannot understand,
A hundred apologies won't take me far,
Believing in myself won't give me a scar,
I would understand if things go wrong,
My conscience is making me think,
Managing myself could probably take some time,
I know it means being alone and all by myself,
Physically I may look normal,
But they're wrong because it's an illusion,
I am true to myself,
but there are times when I keep it quiet even I won't know what to say,
I stay secluded and unharmed, not contacting the outside world,
And hope for peace and serenity,
I'm feeling mentally nauseous it makes me sick,
I have so many questions in my head,
but none of them have been answered,
I realize that it will never be the right response,
and I will never be satisfied.

** Things haven't been satisfactory.
I feel so upset. One thing can damage everything. I could actually be emotionally unstable. I feel like shit.

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