Monday, February 23, 2009


Yan thinks i'm sexy. BUT i am not. BUT thank you yan for thinking that i am. :p
nevertheless, i have to do this cause she tagged me. ahah
so terpaksalah..


1. Snap or just shift through the photo gallery and pick 3 pics of yours which you think are sexy.
2. Don't have to be revealing (though some people say SEXY IS SKIN).
3. Explain why you think so.
4. Tag 3 friends (whom you think are sexy).

Do not barf! Place a bucket beside you / a plastic bag.

* Why cause, friends makes us sexy, and somehow i like the lighting. very glow-y. hhaha
Lets proceed to the next picture.

* Because some of my friends said. SHIIIIIIIIIIIT! thats not you -.-
but i think my eyes look sparkly, that's part of the reason ahah

*Well Nisha is sexier. But those shades are sexy.

**My reasons are stupid cause I'm out of ideas.

Anyways. Hope there was a bucket beside you & you were entertained enough.


TAG! you HAVE to do it.
it includes Nisha, Amalina, Shaira, Ica, Sarah.
Cause y'all are very sexy ;)

Toodles! :D

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