Friday, February 6, 2009


Have you ever checked the expiry date when buying a pack of gum, can of sardines and so on?
Well I usually do, and I realized some shops keep those even though either it’s been expired for days or it WILL expire in a few days.
I was in a rush just now, and I bought a pack of gum, it was manufactured last year February and the expiry date it’s just a few days away.
My habit is to always keep the gum in a few weeks in my bag then occasionally devour it when I get a chance.
I only have a few days and I just bought it. Somehow it’s a waste of my money.
I’ve bought expired goods before, and trust me the substance is just foul I tell you!
I’ve seen weird looking beans, moldy bread rotten eggs. It’s so revolting when I think about it.
MY suggestion is that, they should make a monthly inspection. You know, like checking the expiry date if it’s just a few days or weeks away then they should discard or somehow make it into Biomass. WHICH is a good way to help the environment.
Sometimes I understand why SOME things are cheaper than other things, it could be near to it’s expiry date or somehow the package is a bit torn or the quality is just B.A.D.

I Really do not know why I’m talking about expiry dates and stale food. Ahaha
Well, it’s been in my head since just now.
AND I am super duper calafragilisticispaidociously BORED.
I have zero things to do now. Well FOR NOW.

Well nuff said. I’m done writing for today I think.
Toodles :)

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