Monday, February 9, 2009

Brain Dig

My insecurities are holding me back from doing anything. I get worried for NO reason and I'll have low-confidence all of a sudden.
Sometimes I'll even think, why are they friends with me or why do I have a boyfriend, because I'll be thinking that they can have better.
Well it's just my stupid conscience.

Anyways, I've been thinking. For NOW, I have a few things that I want to do and try to accomplish:
One:Buy a phone using my own money; Two:Be a good student when going to college; Three:Posses a high self confidence; Four:Try to not burden anyone; Five:Increase Photography skills; Six:Practice on my corner-ing; Seven:Be a good Muslim;

Eight:Exercise and BE thin. like -- >

Yes I have an example. BUT I do want to look thin like her. It's somehow proportional.

Enough about that. Yesterday, out of the blues my mom bought me two items from Topshop and a pair of jeans from French Connection.
Ok the story goes like this..
Yesterday, I was nicely laying in bed thinking about what happened the day before. THEN, my mom came in the room and asked me whether if I wanted to follow my mom and brother to breakfast. So I said yes. Little did I know, my brother was paying for the food. MY BROTHER. :')
Then, We 'wanted' to go back home when suddenly my brother opened his mouth describing this shirt he found at Topman. My mom then asked whether if he wanted to buy it or not and we went straight to OneUtama with our stinky bodies. He got the Shirt and I was browsing through the womens section and found the pants that I wanted which I thought had finished. Anyways, my mom said that I could get that and my brother took a plain shirt and I took another plain guys shirt to fulfill the 20%.
When I got back home my brother gave me this REALLY long and big plaid shirt from DKNY.( I love him to bits now) :p
Later that evening, I went out with my mom and sister plus shaira and her mom to Bangsar Shopping Center. Then, we went to this designers outlet and bought myself another pair of skinny jeans.
So yes, I had new clothes yesterday and I am very satisfied.
in support of the incident at Gaza.
The atmosphere.... well lets say its similar to a night market.
It was too noisy and if it were me, I wouldn't buy the clothes, even if it was Rm1. Seriously, they sold some of the clothes for Rm1!
They were shouting "SATU RINGGIT SATU RINGGIT! CEPAT CEPAT! LIMA RINGGIT DUA RINGGIT!" (one ringgit one ringgit! quick quick! five ringgit two ringgit! )
Can you imagine! It was so chaotic. I wanted to slap them realllll hard. I wished I did, I was so annoyed.

Anyhow, enough writing for now.

Toodles :)

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