Wednesday, February 18, 2009


How was my weekend…
It was great and terrible at the same time.
Okay, lets talk about the good things first; I celebrated Valentines with Dauz and it was the best, let me tell you that. I was in shock when he brought me to Shangri-la. I was literally crying in the car. We ate the buffet, and it was oh so delish. We ate there for 3 hours straight and I felt so full, I almost threw up. When we arrived we sat and talked. The first thing that we ate was sea food, thenn I ate western then Italian, then Chinese and then DESSERT! Dauz was 2 courses ahead of me so yeah, I ate quite slow. After that, he gave me a small box which contained a necklace with a small bird pendant (really pretty) , and I gave him a hand-made card. Well I poured my heart & soul making that card (well I’m a bit exaggerating) nevertheless, his gift to me was way better than mine.
After lunch, we hung out more, played at the small maze at the back near the cafĂ© , walked around, embracing our ‘vain’ side looking at the reflection of ourselves when we had the chance, sat down and talked. It was a memorable one.
On the way back to his house, we stopped by Carrefour and bought JACK, he’s a Suger glider, really cute fell, feisty but cute. :)
Came back to his house and Uzma (Dauz’s little sister) bought a lizard (can teman wawa!) Everyone had their own animal to take care of.
We hung out in his room for a while then went down to watch Titanic. Titanic made me cry AGAIN. -.-
I wasn’t in the mood to do much because my mom was quite annoyed/furious at me.
Even so, I still had fun. No doubt about that.

Ok the bad thing is, yes. My mom is/was angry at me.
Probably I said something to annoy her. It wasn’t on purpose of course! But that’s not an excuse. I feel guilty and she’s still not talking to me till now. It’s been almost 5 days. Almost a week. Well I know that she can hold a grudge really long. It feels really uncomfortable. I am somehow happy that I’m working now. I can get rid of the feeling by being occupied with work. Ouh well.. This is making me feel all depressed.

Enough of that. Guess what?!
I’m still at the office and it’s 8.04pm
I’m helping my department, making a tender. Well I don’t write letters and all because I’m not authorized to do so. I just help redo the tables on the forms or help Photostat some papers to put in those files. It’s quite meticulous. If I forget photocopying one piece of paper. Rm1 mil. GONE. Well it actually depends on the tender. Some tenders can go up to a few billion. Really crazy.
I can’t stand staring at the computer screen, but this is my only entertainment. So, I have no choice. I have nothing to do for now, but I know they’ll call me soon to do GOD knows what.


My brain’s empty. Guess I’ll stop writing.

Toodles :)

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