Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hello February, how are you?

Hello there,
It's February. Yes February. It still doesn't feel like 09 yet.
Starting from today I have a few sacrifices to make. Which is, not eating when I go out lepaking, will NOT spend money on clothes or accessories, buying snacks, spending money for those unnecessary vouchers and etc..
The only reason is because I want to buy a new phone to replace my old worn out phone(that I love ouh so much) I thought of buying the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1. I have been browsing the internet during office hours :p (I was attracted by its awesomeness)
I have never seen a thing so wonderful in my life. Maybe I'm a tad bit exaggerating but its so beautiful!
It is sooo expensive.. It's about Rm2,500 +-
So if I'm really lucky, I would at least buy it for about Rm1,800, but that's unlikely of me getting a price that cheap for now. It's a touch screen with a full QWERTY keyboard. That sounds bloody cool!
I can't wait!! Well I'm hoping I'll have enough money to buy it. Ouh and i have about 2 more things to buy, which is a Nikon macro lens and a Polaroid camera. I've been wanting those two for AGES but never had a chance to purchase it.
Anyways, my plan is to work till April. So I'll get about Rm900. Sad ain't it? Thennnnnn, I'll do side chores like cleaning the car, cleaning the house, whatever and If I have to get a job, I'll take a part-time job somewhere else with a bigger pay.
I need about Rm5,000 to get ALL those plus buying a bit of extras' (if you know what I mean) ;)
So, I'm guessing I'll get the money about 4 months before the end of the year. XD
That's really long, but it will be worth it, Sooooo worth it.
I understand why my mom complains about us spending money like there's a money tree behind the house. The pain whenever taking out money to buy things, is excruciating. Well I guess richer people can live in luxury and buying whatever they want because they have excessive cash in their pockets.
Anyhow, yes. After starting class, I guess I'll work on days I have no classes . BUT I will not work on Sundays. NO way José. :D

Update on work; It has been 8 days of working, and it's quite interesting.
Now, I know how to function a photostatting machine, Fax letters, Scan(well I knew that before working), doing a quotation, typing a compliance table, filing, and doing a tender.
I feel like a working lady ahah. I've been wearing clothes excluding my jeans. It feels weird, because 80% of what I wear include jeans. So yeah, you get the pictures.
Ouh! The food there.. not THAT fantastic. Quite bland actually. Some dishes does not taste like what they're supposed to taste like. It's not disgusting, it's edible but I'm not satisfied. YET, I think I gained a tonne of unnecessary weight, I think cause my boss keeps feeding me with karipap, roti telur sardine, and cekodok. Well I'm bersyukur whatever it is. :)
Some people can't even afford to buy rice! So at least there's something to eat. I can't really complain.
Donc, I came back home early today, because there was a fire up at the 9th floor, just two floors above mine. We all heard the bell but did nothing because it never occurred to us that there was a fire. Well it wasn't big, the air cond dispenser was burnt and suddenly was in flames.
Everyone evacuated and I could smell the smoke from outside . Hopefully no one was injured.
Yup I guess that's it..

Well I guess I'm done writing for now..

Toodles :)

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