Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Adel tagged me so I am forced to do this. ahah
I've never done this before, so here goes :D

Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose six people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don’t forget to leave a comment (“You’re tagged!”), and to read your blog, you can’t tag a person who tagged you. Since you can’t tag me, let me know when you've posted your blog, so I can see your weirdness.

1. I think I have minor Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) because I tend to make sure the thing is at the same position as it was before it was moved. Weird enough i don't really care if it's my things, only stuff that aren't mine. Get it? ahha I don't think i'm making sense. ANYWAYSSS.

2. I'm really ticklish. Everywhere to be exact. Ouh! I make these weird sounds(retarded hamster dog-ish sound) when I'm being poked. I still don't know why.

3. I am very gelabah , I'll get all jumpy and loud. It's kind of annoying actually.

4. I want to be the most successful graphic designer IN THE WORLD (well maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but hey! its not wrong having big dreams) :)

5. When I listen to music, I tend to hear not as an overall song but melodies in between beats or beats in between melodies. Even though the song is horrible, but if there's a certain melody or beat that's interesting, I would immediately want to listen to it again.

6. I'm capable of moving my ears without the help of my hands and I can roll my tongue I can control the movement of my nose(actually everyone can do it, almost everyone)
I'm quite a freak.

7. I can get bruises easily. I guess my blood capillaries are quite close to my skin.

8. Even though I'm not close with both of my siblings, I still love them so much. I wouldn't want them to be replaced because I look up to them as a full grown adult with more experience and also as my older sister and brother.

9. I am NOT athletic. Not even a single bit. As what my brother would usually say. "Liyana ni lembik ah"

10. I'm the youngest among my siblings, but I think I have one hairy adik called bonbon.

11. My dad passed away when I was 8 and it's been almost 10 years, but I still cry occasionally when thinking about it too much. I tend to get a bit emotional.

12. I don't mind having little friends, it's better having less people that are closest to you than having too many. But some people like having company around and have a LOT of close friends. So it's just my opinion.

13. I like biting my lip. It will bleed because of my weird gigi taring .
I actually have 8 gigi taring's .

14. It sounds cliché
, but I really want the world to be a better place. Imagine the children in the future would have to suffer because for our mistakes.

15. I thought maybe, after a few years of working with a stable paycheck. I would want to join any environmental organization and still pursue my dreams on helping the environment.

16. Last but not least, I strongly belief that everyone should appreciate with the people that care for them and we should love and take care of them to the fullest.

Thats done. Sooo I tag....

1. Ica because I'm curious.

2. Nisha! becauseee I know she has a gazillion things to say

3. Shaira because she has goals and i would like to know more of her 'goals' in life ;)

4. Amalina becausee well the same reason i gave for shaira

5. Yan because she is the most organized, random, goal achieving girl i have ever met. So I would want to tag her!

6. Lastly, I would like to tag DAUZ even though you don't use blogger that much, but I still want to tag you because I think there's still a lot of things that I want to know :)
And i know you have a lifetime of goals. So, yeah :D

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