Monday, January 12, 2009


My driving exam was today!
Well sad to say, I failed :(
I passed the slope, parking and the 3 pointer. Thank god for that.
So, no P YET.
I'll retake the road test, WHICH I failed. The engine went haywire. It was embarrassing.
I have to pay RM200 for a repeat and an extra 2 hour class.
I feel really guilty. I bet, people will be laughing their ass off if they knew I failed the road test, cause seriously it's not hard at all. You can get and average 17/20 at one shot, but sadly my shoe wasn't a proper shoe so it kept slipping off the clutch. I was an idiot.
My stomach was all weird, my face was so pale and my body was so hot. I guess I was really nervous. I was the first few to take the Ujian Jalan Raya. That guy was so strict and unpleasant, but once he knew I was sort of sick, he was really nice to me.
Anyways, I really can't wait to get my P.
Hopefully, I'll pass next Monday. HOPEFULLY.
I had to wake up at 6am and wait for my driving instructor at 7am and pick everyone up for an hour, then line up for registration for about another hour. Sit and wait for your turn and finish everything by 12pm. After that, I had to wait for the other students so I went back home around 2pm. Fun ain't it?
I was too tired to move.
People there were quite nice. I think if I hadn't talked to anyone there, I'll be sooooooooooooo bored. Well just one more class and one more day.
Well off to my bed. My eyes can't stand the screen light. :p

Toodles :)

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