Thursday, January 1, 2009

Big 09

2008 has passed and now we have to face 2009.
I remembered celebrating new years last year, with the fireworks and pizza and friends. It was fun!
This year was a bit different. I had a chance to celebrate with someone else. :)
I slept most of the time when I was at home, because I was so tired.
By 8 I took a bath and ate my dinner. Dauz came to my house around 9.30. He walked all the way from the curve, somehow I'm guilty for him doing that. He was waiting in front of the gate and he gave me flowers. That was really sweet.
We chilled for a while, talked and all that. Then, we went to the padang, awaiting for the fireworks to show. Met a few of my friends in the dark(there were no lights at all)
The curve displayed the their fireworks then One Utama showed theirs.
It was spectacular. The park wasn't hectic unlike curve and One Utama. So it was reasonably peaceful.
We went back home, and i suddenly met a few more other of my friends.
I hugged yan and I would say it was an acrobatic bear hug ahah, we fell and i sprained my knee and couldn't walk back home. That was embarrassing. Dauz carried me home. I was in pain. :p
He stayed at my house until 2.
I didn't really stay up so late, cause of my sprained knee. Mostly cause I was tired laughing too much, but It was a memorable new year.

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