Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Flowers in the Attic

The lighting and camera megapixels makes the picture look unattractive. BUT
I am proud to say. Dauz and I with the help of Uswah and Kamil did this piece of art work from scratch by ourselves with NO professional help.
Pretty ain't it?
I was pretty satisfied with the result. The amount of energy put in this art work paid off.
I was quite annoyed that most print shops were unavailable, and I had to find other print shops. I tried 4 print shops but neither ONE had a person to print it for me, but luckily i found one. I literally hugged that girl. I was in a rush because Dauz was waiting for me from 2pm and I came to his house at 4, JUST because of the print shops.
Anyway, this was the first time me doing it. Long hours of me observing my brother and his friends making stencils had helped me. The girl is about 4 feet i think. So you can imagine how big the paper was and how much we had to cut and trace. The butterflies were easy and it took us approximately 45minutes. It is a VERY tiring job, it looks easy, but you need patience and concentration. Every long line i had to cut especially with detail, challenged my mind and body. I was so tired, I did not have enough energy to continue, but my determination to see the final results helped me move on and of course to see Dauz happy made me so bersemangat too. :p
The spraying took only a few minutes. So we had more time to rest.
I'm planning to do a few more other stencil projects for my up-coming room and public walls around town. I can't WAIT!

This is not vandalizing, this is ART!

P.S : This is the original art (Flowers in the Attic)
Originally created by: jbyron


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