Thursday, November 29, 2007

Teens. ouh please.

Materialistic things aren't important, unless you work with a fashion magazine or whatever; but still! There are other things in life, which should be focused ON. I have a group of friends, which are acting like some grown adult; but still thinks like a child. Competing each other, with their clothes, the accessories, the face complexion, the body, the face. ENOUGH! ok. It's annoying. Doesn't it occur to you that, there are kids dying, trying to get FOOD, or CLOTHES. you spent a whole lot of money for all those crap. You could have spend it on donations. At least you dapat pahala. Which is counted when you die. Don't you have a sense of generosity.

I can't explain why girls around my age, preteens. Go out with people they don't know. Plus, they are not raised in the city. They would be willingly enough to go out and get attention from people they don't know. They are still naive no matter how old they are. I would even consider MYself as a naive girl. She doesn't have enough knowledge to protect herself. She could end up regretting, and live in a life of lies. I'm worried. She's like my little sister. I wouldn't want anything to happen to her.

Well that's it for now. ;)

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