Saturday, November 17, 2007


Tears rolling through my cheeks,
My heart beating so fast,
The feeling of doubt possibly conquering my mind,
Till everything is a blur,
My mind feels guilty ,
Which is the cause of assumption,
My stomach tied in knots,
Not able to breath ,
I could say dealing with a problem of mistreating someone,
I may be wrong,
But It's related to feelings of a person I care,
I don't know where to start,
How to say sorry,
But my selfishness is hoping not to get scolded like hell,
I earned it and I should face the truth,
Giving the silent treatment is not the answer,
Making me feel uncomfortable around you,
Not able to say anything,
I wish time could rewind ,
Like a small remote control,
But what has been done is done,
I prayed to god to make the day cheerful,
But I have a feeling it won't really happen,
Well my instincts say it is,
Why must I not act responsibly ,
I know she's worried,
And I understand,
And I know I did wrong,
Just shut up and listen.

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