Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Normal problems; Normal teenage girl.

I have so many issues; I don't know where to begin.
Although, my problems aren't serious.
I don't like keeping it in my head. Okay;
I have friends which are really materialistic, I mean hey! thats normal for a teenage girl in this century. But, I can't bring myself to tell them to stop competing against each other. Whose nicer, whose cooler, whose more fashionable, whose more pretty. STOP it! it's stupid and annoying. Ok i won't mind if you do it amongst yourself, but you are effecting other people. You even try competing with me. Like wth? I'm pulled into your problem; and I get so engrossed with it. I regret doing all the crap that i have done or said anything stupid. I'm not blaming you 100%, i'm also blaming myself. Just stop it, please.

Another problem, It's like any other problem, a teenage girl is going through;
I know I'm infatuated with this guy but I give up very easily. Plus, I'm sensitive too. I walked home with this guy i liked and i thought it went well; but to think of it. I didn't really talk much cause his friend was there. I was shy, thats my problem. I can't overcome my shyness. I like talking to him. Okay, after that; I said thank you, but he didn't reply. I'm worried if i sounded desperate or whatever. I'm not; f.y.i. I can't control myself sometimes. I'm confusing myself. Sometimes, i ask myself to not talk to him cause it will sound that i am desperate; and then, i'll say talk to him, cause then i'll lose him and i wasted my opportunity. So wth am i supposed to do!
Other than that, It's possible if a guy likes a girl even though she has a boyfriend, but he won't do anything, until they break up. I mean it is possible. He is close to my friend which is also his friend. My friend is with my crushes friend. So my crush is friends with both of them. Maybe i'm making you more confused. Other than that, She likes talking to him, and she is closer to him. Which makes me jealous. I won't say anything, of course; i won't pick a guy over a friend.

My other friends aren't comfortable with my other friends. Which makes me stuck in between. I make myself stressed out. I don't like it. I wonder if i suddenly be lonely. With no friends. I think I'll die. The things i talk about is just me stressed out; being pessimistic.

I have more to talk about. But those were the main problems in my head.

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