Friday, June 20, 2008

Rein my kucing angkat

In memories to Rein.

I was so sad, I picked Rein up with my bare hands. It was hit by a car.
I tried to save it but it was suffering. I cried so hard. The bones were crushed, it couldn't survive even if I wanted to help. It was so lifeless, He usually is so jumpy and hyper; but it was the total opposite that night.
I placed him in an Ikea box with newspapers. I couldn't bare looking at him with his pain and blood all over my hands, but I had to put him aside; other idiots could bang him WITHOUT a reason. He didn't even stop and help put rein aside, that F**k. His body on my arms was the most agonizing feeling.
I can't describe the situation because it was so sudden and i was in shock, Even my own mother ordered me not to pick Rein up. Rein was like my kucing angkat and it felt like leaving you dead baby beside the road. That was so inhumane and i couldn't leave rein not being put aside. I sympathized my neighbor(rein's owner) , He was so happy with him and my neighbor isn't really a joyous man, but after rein came he was so full of happiness. Rein can be annoying, but it's a cat. Cat's aren't supposed to die that way. I can remember him squirming and moving so hard in pain. I can't belief someone can be that heartless.

Well i hope Rein is in a better place where cats run around with toys and litter boxes. And rein has been a good cat and I miss him jumping in the house for no reason. :)

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