Monday, June 16, 2008


Hmmmm??? Well lets see, SPM is another 144 more days to go 8O
I have a crappy friend, WHICH I don't even know what's happening,
I have tonnes and TONNES of homework,
My room is a mess,
I've stop being optimistic,
The world is gonna end and I am NOT even ready.

Am I a bad person? I'm confused :s I know I've done things which I know i shouldn't have and it's bad doing those stuff but literally saying am I a bad person with a black heart or a rock solid head or with eyes which i can't see what's good and what's bad?
I need people's opinions YET, they just keep it quite and start ignoring. That my fellow people, is just darn stupid.
I see things in such a pessimistic direction until it blinds me for what i should really see or realize.
What the heart can do to the brain.

I shall continue with my next blog. :)

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