Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Hello Everyone!
Gosh I abandoned you for so long.. Everyone kept asking me to update my blog and I'm so sorry.. haha So here's the update:
I have FINALLY finished my third semester and my FIRST YEAR of graphic design.
I'm moving to the new Taylors campus soon and I heard that there's a cow staying near the lake and after the rain stops the cow shit will linger around campus.
I am currently working at Topshop One Utama and the people there are GREAT!
2009 has ended and its Feb 3rd 2010. Started quite badly but its turning out okay now.
My house renovation is finally complete and I have my OWN room! AND i've finished putting everything in.
I went to the Nokia concert, and it was boring actually. Eventhough Boys like Girls performed, it wasn't my cup of tea.
I banged the car door and my finger got stuck, so I think my nail will be coming off soon.
I'm going to Kings of Convenience this 22nd of March with my brother and his friends.
My boyfriend is going to Sydney this March and he's going there for a year and a half to do his piloting.
I feel like shit now for many reasons actually.
I think I've turned into a twitter whore; belief me its not a compliment.
I have one drawer JUST for my shades and I still want to buy more.
I feel like smashing someones head to the door, but I can't cause that's considered as murder, if he/she dies.
My brother is working now, I'm so proud of him.
I think I lost my capabilities to speak french fluently.
I mainly post images in my tumblr.
After Photography class, I am finally inspired to take up photography again.
I want new clothes.
I have a cool bean bag chair.
I am loosing my patience.

I guess that's it for now, I don't think I will post frequent updates but I'll try my best

Toodles :)

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