Friday, September 28, 2007

The Friend

Today wasn’t really what I expected. I thought I could study and learn something in peace, but the problem is I have friends that are very selfish and very self- absorbed. She brags a lot, and complains too much plus, she criticizes everything. Although , she IS a good person to talk to when you have boyfriend issues; she gives quite good advice, well through my observation. I don’t have a boyfriend but almost all my friends have one. So they have problems and stuff and she gives good advice, but she doesn’t use it for herself, she has bf issues as well. She doesn’t understand that other people have feelings. She blurts it out as if people won’t care. She would ‘kutuk’ everyone especially the boys in my class. Plus their obsessed with status. She expects everyone to be cool or whatever. It’s annoying; I get the blame as well because I’m in the group. She can’t shut her mouth and it hurts when she says something. She doesn’t learn. I’ve told her to stop a few times but she won’t accept the fact that people won’t listen to her. I was very discontent and irritated today. She bosses people around telling people to stop studying or telling people to take something for her or telling one of us to follow her somewhere and we’ll get into trouble and we’ll be sent to the bilik discipline. Like can you be independent and not boss people around. It could effect us one day; it’s annoying! I’m upset cause she’s my friend and I wouldn’t want something to happen to her but she asked for it. She likes to ‘cari pasal’ with people, come on people have other things to worry about and I don’t think they would want to add you in their list.
Get your priorities straight woman!

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