Thursday, September 27, 2007

complains complains complains.

Time passes faster and faster every year. It’s almost October and I feel as if 2007 just started. I remember entering form 4 and the teachers assigning each and every student to their new classes. I’m already doing my year end exam and SPM is getting closer and closer. It’s kinda scary when you think about it that way. And it doesn’t feel like the fasting month and Raya is so close. Usually my year end exam would be before Raya, but the teachers are making us sit for our exams before and after Raya. I can’t enjoy celebrating Raya even though I’m celebrating it here in Kuala Lumpur. I have to study and the teachers gave us the schedule and all the paper 2 science papers are before Raya and I’ve only started studying subjects which are after Raya. I regret not studying earlier but somehow if I do, I can’t concentrate. I’m just mental I guess.

My goosebumps are tingling. I’m so scared and hungry. I hate school, I feel so stressed and I can’t give my own opinion when I’m at school. They are so narrow minded. I’m not saying all schools are like that. It’s not that bad actually, but I just get so mentally psychotic when I’m at school. Some of them like finding trouble and blaming other students for the most stupidest reasons. They just can’t give a straight direct answer why can’t you just admit that you honestly don’t like him/her. It’s distracting enough when you call that person again and again. Those prefects; seriously I feel like cutting their throats. They just can’t shut up babbling; I’m not dumb Ok. And they like to blame for the stupidest reasons too. Some of them are like sweet little innocent perfect too shoes. Such a poser. Your not being honest to yourself. Idiot. I have realized that I really like complaining, but it feels good; once in a while. Well it’s 11.47pm and I better rest I want to wake up early in the morning to study.

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